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So I couldn't really sleep today so I decided to head into the lab and fiddle around on the computer. I also broke out the laminator again and laminated all of my Wizard Kings maps. I brough them into the lab to use that giant slicer whozit they always had in art classes when you were a kid. The thing that you were certain at some time must've hacked off someone's fingers or other extremities at some point. I'm waiting around until I can get in touch with the tech guy and retrieve some of my files off of the harddrive. I'm also hoping that he has some clue wtf might be wrong with the computer.

I also got an email from warehouse23 today and it seems they have new beer money t-shirts in. I really like this one.

Worship me.
Lick my boots.
Bring me cake.

Cuts right to the chase, dosen't it.

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