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Normal, my ass.

Popular interests among henwy's friends
1. sissyfight (11) 11. the simpsons (5)
2. writing (8) 12. art (5)
3. dogs (7) 13. canada (4)
4. music (7) 14. stephen king (4)
5. reading (7) 15. learning (4)
6. movies (7) 16. life (4)
7. sleeping (6) 17. drinking (4)
8. shopping (6) 18. chocolate (4)
9. cats (6) 19. cooking (4)
10. books (5) 20. painting (4)
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My most interesting friend is vala_amaris who has 17 of these interests,
followed by jeanie3 (17), quartzie (13) and spookykidsf2k (10).
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My friends are 72.36% normal.
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Popular interests created by _imran_

CANADA? Who the farg would be interested in canada. And for pete's and painting? It looks like there needs to be a significant hippie purging one of these days.

Oh....and this gem too.

Tons Of Icons! by xInvisableToYoux
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