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'Latest Posts' Incomprehensible Journal of the Day

This journal is a sure winner for one entry. It's the second one down and for some reason I can't link directly to it for some reason. Maybe LJ is having a brain fart. I'm not certain what sort of gobbilygook the language is supposed to be but I'm fasinated by the picture.

Anyway, I'll reproduce the relevant images here:

So what could it be....radioactive hot dogs? Glow in the dark dildos? A couple lines of gibberish apparently explains it all but the meaning is beyond our grasp. It could be anything and it could be nothing. Who dares to touch the orange thingie without understanding the mystifying caption below.

Oh, and the quiz of the day:

Angry Kitten!
you're pissed off about something..

What kind of kitten are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

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