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Computer Update

It's dead, Jim. All the various attempts to get the thing working again have failed miserably. I also discovered that the secondary drive is also fried. As near as I can figure at this point the motherboard went spastic, but not all at once. It managed to probaly write gibberishy crud all over the harddrive as I was trying to access it, croaking it. So I'm not sure exactly what to do at this point. I have my pictures and my emails saved onto an external drive which I guess is the most important thing. I just have to decide now what to do about my lack of a computer. My mom seems to be of the opinion, along with my sisters, that I should just shell out 1k to dell and get another one. Someone at the lab has offered her husband as a computer builder as well which would probaly take much longer but be much cheaper. After all, I don't really need a lot of the peripheral stuff. I still have perfectly fine speakers, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. Point of fact, I likely still have a perfectly find processor, video card, sound card....etc etc, everything except that blasted motherboard. The problem is from what I hear, changing a motherboard requires a lot of tinkering and troubleshooting which are pretty much beyond me. What a mess. What kinda piece of crap computer dies after 2 years anyway. Feh.

This lack of net access is driving me bonkers too. I actually forgoed sleep this past night, coming into the lab around midnight and I've been here ever since tapping away. The problem is the lab computer pretty much bites. It's slow and obnoxious most of the time but there's no better solutions.

If I buy the dell it can be here within 2 days and I blow 1k (and end up with something like 3 working monitors in my apt among other things).

If I let stacy's husband do it it'll take weeks if not a month but only cost probaly half the price.


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