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1) I freaking hate this new layout bullcrap. It stretches my screen and includes all sorts of obnoxious crap that I don't even have access to since I'm not paying for this.

2) Computer seems to be fixed. I still havent' added all of my programs. I'm spending my time trying to download all the audiobooks I lost when that drive died.

3) Last day of rat killing tommorrow. Weeee. It'll be nice to have a break. I've been suffering from some massive insomnia lately and I'm just exhausted. I can't sleep for more than a couple hours without waking until it's the early morning and the sleep I am getting seems to be less restful than it should be. Since I've had to run the rats every single day for the past 11 or so, there's never been an oppertunity to have a sleep catchup day. I am really looking forward to the weekend.

3a) I just feel a bit burnt out. I don't even have the energy to rage at hippies. That's when I know I need some rest time.


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