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It was all jewy!

So I'm back in jersey again. I'm also making an entry for the first time in ages too. Now that I'm back home there's more time to take care of things like this compared to chicago where everything has been busy as hell. The reason I'm back is because it's the one year anniversary of my grandfather's passing, and it's also been a year since I started this journal. I made the first entry the night before heading back to jersey a year ago when he was in hospice care at the hospital and ended up dying a couple days after I arrived. Tommorrow the family is heading up to the Bhuddhist temple where his ashes are interred. Everyone managed to take off of work so everyone who was there when he died will be at the one year anniversary.

So, as I was flying in to newark I was sitting behind two, what looked like orthodox jews. They had the little skull caps and facial hair and basically looked like pictures of hasidic(sp) jews I've seen. They gave me something to occupy my thoughts with as the flight went on. Now, I've always been of the opinion that if your race/gender/creed/religion has a particular negative stereotype attached to it, it's almost your duty to refute it with your actions. So if you happen to be poor or lower income and white, it's your duty to not fit the white trash stereotype in my opinion, at least those stereotypes that involve things you can control and change. It not only flips the metaphorical bird at those who hold such stereotypes but I figure it's also a nice way to go about and change them. These two jewy guys apparently never got the memo. They were almost caricatures of stingyness and went to town on the free drink cart. Both of them had a cup of soda in each hand and before they had even taken more then one sip, they were flagging down the flight attendents asking if they were going to be back near the end of the flight with more. When hearing that it was a one shot deal each asked for another soda/juice whozit and one also wanted coffee and the other hot chocolate. It was ridiculous. The pair of them could have opened their own soda machine/snack bar with what they had layed out in front of them. It was only a two hour flight for cripes sake. On a sidenote, as we were landing, one of them whipped out a handheld camcorder, unlatched his seatbelt and began filming his friend in the window seat and out the window at the landing. They both started a loud narriative about the landing, ending with cheers and the cameraman's command to his friend to 'clap louder! clap louder!'. Whackiness.

I spent the rest of the day following my mom and grandma around as they ran some errands. One trip included a visit to the chinese grocry store. As I was walking down an asile, I freaked as something out of the bottom of my field of vision lunged at me. It turned out one of the crabs had somehow escaped from the seafood portion of the store and was hurriedly scrurring for freedom when I almost stepped on it. I didn't bring my camera with me so no pictures but I felt sorta bad for the little guy. He was certainly the liveliest crab I've ever seen and it was sorta sad to realize he only had two options: starving to death or getting boiled in a big pot. If there were an ocean nearby I would have bought him just to toss him back. Oh well.

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