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Beyond the Reef and Costume Completion

Costume's done!!!!! It took another 4-5 hours of work but it's all complete and finished. I didn't get the chance to take any of the pictures I wanted to tonight so I'm not going to describe the costume any. I want it to be a surprise of sorts or at least let people see the pictures as I'm describing it. It's super spiffy though. Super-super-super spiffy. There are however a buncha problems I'm going to have to overcome. If I disappear after tonight it'll be because I was either plowed under by a car or I died of heat stroke. I'll be sure to have plenty of pictures tommorrow if I survive. Lori (the person who made the costumes with me) and I are thinking of going to the children's wing of the hospital to show it to the kids there. It should be lotsa fun.


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