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Well, nothing of interest is really happening here. I haven't read any of the papers I brought with me and today was supposed to be one of the study days I allotted for this trip. There won't be much time tommorrow with the reunion and all. I'm still not sure if I'm looking forward to the whole deal or if it's just something that i think everyone should do given a chance. The main problem is that of those who RSVPed, I'm only looking forward to seeing one of them. Most of my HS friends probaly won't show for a reunion as when the subject came up during school I was the only one who expressed an interest at the time. I figured it would be nice to see where everyone ended up. Most of those who RSVPed it seems were the morons and never-do-well's and I'm not sure I care what they've been up to.

Oh well. At least it'll be an oppertunity to snap a bunch of pictures. It might be fun to do comparrisons between those and yearbook pictures. A lot can change in 10 years or so. Our class president at the time was well on her way to becoming an anorexic after being pretty chubby prior to highschool. She was pretty stick thin after highschool ended and my sister (who went to the same college as her) said the trend continued. Feh. I guess I can at least use it as an oppertunity to get liquored up. It is an open bar after all.

This would be a much better exprience if brian hadn't had that wedding conflict.

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