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Countdown to boredom....

It's now 50 minutes until the reunion. I'm all ready to go after (49 minutes) misreading the invitation and thinking that it started at 7 instead of 8. So I'm sitting around here puttering around and thinking that this really wasn't a great idea. None of the people I want to see will be there and I hate exchanging empty pleasantries. If all else fails I can just try (48 minutes) to turn the event into a pro-bush rally. Nothing gets things moving like a heated political debate. it's too bad that I left my foam 'W' Bush hand back in chicago. It might have been useful. (47 minutes) It's kinda interesting but it seems that my parents raised a complete set of republicans and never realized it. My mom was asking us who she should vote for in this election, bush or kerry. My (46 minutes) dad told her kerry was the way to go for some reason or another and when she polled my siblings and I she told my dad he might as well not vote at all since we'd just be counteracting his vote anyway. (45-44-43 minutes) My sister just told me she thinks I should wear something else and is currently assembling clothing. Anyway, I was sorta interested in what, in our collective childhood, had made us grow up with similar political views. I had always blamed/extoled sitcoms like family ties and different strokes, the facts of life and growing pains for shaping a lot of what I believed, at least when it came to family values and morals. (42-41 minutes) Now she's thinking the pants need to go so she's rumaging around for other pants. Feh. I don't see why it matters.

Overall it seems my family is pretty split. My hippie uncle and his hippie wife are of course going kerry. There was never any chance that I could have stopped that one. My cousin is going kerry too and I figure his girlfriend from hawaii will sort of follow suit (40 minutes). That's not a tremendous surprise. His dad on the otherhand is pretty into guns and an eye for an eye so he might just go for bush to see people rightfully get their asses kicked. (39-38-37-36 minutes) She just decided I should change my pants and is now fiddling with assorted shirts. Apparently what I had selected didn't fit well and that must've offended her sense of style or something. (35 minutes) Bleh. I don't really care as long as it fits and I'm not in a burlap sack of some sort. All of the rest is just window dressing as far as I'm concerned. It's not like I'm rally going there to impress or something. The only time I'll see most of these people (34 minutes) is (33-32-31-30-29 minutes) Feh, well I just had the entire outfit changed again. Personally, I think I look like a circus clown in this outfit but she claims it looks better. All I know is I don't (28-minutes) like these lighter colors. I feel more comfortable in something dark. Now I've got on this light khaki pair of pants and this weirdass (what i'm told is seasucker) shirt (27-minutes) whatver the fuck that means. It's red and white though and I think it looks like something a clown would wear at the bigtop. At least before I would (26 minutes) have been comfortable with what I was wearing. Now I'm going to feel awkward all night. Feh. I'll post a picture of the ridiculous outfit whenever I get back to chicago. I had her take a picture. (25 minutes) Ridiculous.

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