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Mea Culpa

Well, I was completely 100% wrong. The reunion was a blast. I had a great time and it was sad when it all ended. I got the chance to meet up with some people I haven't seen in ages and it was well worth the time and effort. It's only a pity that not more people showed. In all it was probaly 20 MHS people and then another half dozen to 10 spouses and sig others. That means an attendence rate of less than 20% but it was still great seeing those who did come. I passed contact info with those I had lost track of and some of us will be trying to get together sometime in late december when I'm back in jersey.

For all that I had a great time, it started off a bit bumpy. I made it to the hotel around 15-minutes or so late. It was a really nice hotel with indoor fountains and was well designed. I had arrived late on purpose, not wanting to be the first one there. Despite my plans, I WAS the first one there and a little distressed by the fact. At the time I figured it was still possible that only a couple people, or perhaps none, since only 6-7 had RSVPed on the reunion website. Heh, I rang my sister and her suggestion was to say she told me I should have arrived later and that I should sit in the car outside for another 15-minutes or so. I decided to walk around the hotel instead and after another 10-15 a group of people finally showed up and I trailed them to the ballroom. Now, I had told myself that this wasn't a very big deal but I'll admit as I got closer to the crowd at the door my stomach clenched and my stress level shot through the roof. It was amazingly the level of apprehension that appeared out of nowhere to engulf you when you see people that you haven't seen in 10 years. It was almost a surreal experience. Everyone looked familiar, yet different. I imagine it's like what rip winkle felt after waking from his little nap. You feel like your entire world has lurched or twisted upside down momentarily and it takes a bit of time for everything to sort itself out.

I could go on about the people I met, but those of you reading this (if anyone is reading this) aren't likely to give a darn. Plus, I'll have pictures up eventually once I get back to chicago and that will be much more fun to go into things then. I'm planning to take some pictures out of the yearbook and do before and after shots for those who showed up. It was remarkable how similar they all still looked with some minor exceptions. The pervasive amount of domestic bliss, mortgages, and rugrats also made me sort of nervous. You get the impression you've been lieft behind a bit with being locked in academia for all these years while others have been getting on with their lives. There was another girl there who was in the same boat. She's been working on her phd for 5 years and has another 2 or so to go. I suggested to her we should enter into a suicide pact of some sort if we don't manage to put our dissertations to bed by the time the next reunion comes around. I'm pretty sure I'll be ready to kill someone by then if I'm still working on this damn degree.

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