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Well, my neuroscience poster is finally finished. It took a late night or two to put together but I wrapped it up today. I figure there will be a couple other minor changes that others might suggest but I've already passed it through my advisor so it's good to go. We'll send it up for printing on monday and I should have it by the next day. I won't be heading to san diego until a week from today and there are plenty of things I'll need to work on between now and then. Feh. Oh well. The nice thing is that once this quarter ends everything should settle back down for a while. Just more rats to run, data to collect, and papers to write. It could be worse I guess.

I still haven't had any time to contact the friends I got back in touch with from the reunion. I want to establish the lines of communication and we wanted to get together this december when I'm back in jersey. These sort of things just get harder and harder to plan when we all have more responsibilities of one form or another. That's one of the most obnoxious things about getting older. It's hard not to think back about the more carefree days just half a decade ago. Really, I'm still pretty free of ties and burdens. Those who aren't in school have to deal with a 9-5 job with bills and mortgages and maybe even a family and children. Being in graduate school is like a limbo of sorts. A purgatory where time dosen't seem to pass in the same way. Everything is slowed and held in abeiance until you finally leave and enter 'the real world'.

It should also be nice that tommorrow I'll be getting together with john and the rest for our game night. It's been ages since we've actually had a session where we've gamed, early summer or thereabouts. We've gotten together more than a few times, including going to gencon, but we've just never gotten the campaign going again. It should be interesting to start up though I imagine it'll take a bit to get into the swing of things. Butch, another friend, is going to temp-DM for the next couple sessions so this also means the first time john will actually get to run a PC in around 3 years now.

I also still have to get all those darn pictures organized, resized, and captioned. Frankly though, I've lost some of my enthusiasm for that. It's hard to balance all that effort involved with the payoff. At least the pictures of visiting the temple will have to be sorted and sent back home. My mom wants to print out a nice set of those and have them placed into a photoalbum. If nothing else, I'll post some of the reunion pictures here and anything else interesting I run across.

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