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Society for Neuroscience: San Diego

So it's only a day until I'm off to san diego for neuroscience. Feh. I'm not really looking forward to this trip though I do think it'll be fun to display my poster. I'm sorta proud of the thing and I think it should get a good reception. The downside is there's simply not a whole lot I think I've ever wanted to see in san diego. Add to that that it's in hippie-laden california and I have other things to work on and there are better things I could be doing with my time IMO. I'm debating whether or not I should politicize my poster presentation. Maybe I can scoop up some bush/cheny 04 buttons and bumper stickers to hand out. I guess one positive is that it'll eat up some of the time before the election. Following the polls and editorial commentary each day is starting to drive me bonkers. I just want to see how the election works out and the waiting is getting to me. I guess you just have to have faith that it'll all work out right.

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