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Presenting domo-kun!!!!

And it's time for the great unveiling! For halloween this year I made my own costume and went as domo-kun. If you're wondering what in the world a domo-kun is (and lets face it, you almost cetainly are) there's a good faq about him here (

So here's the inspiration for it all. Little domo-kun sitting in the chair at the lab admiring his handywork. It's because of him that the following was possible.

Ta da! Here's the costume sitting in the lab just waiting to be put on. It's domo-kun dressed up like a vampire. Look at his scary fangs and light-up skull cloak clasp. OooOOoOoooOOOOhhhHHhHHH.

Here's me trying out the costume in the lab before venturing forth into the great beyond. You're probaly wondering about the shorts...well it's hot as a motherfucker in this thing. You would not believe the heat and humidity that builds up in a box when it's heavy-duty to begin with and then wrapped in layers of cloth and has only one tiny air/eye hole. It was sweltering in there. I was worried about dying of heat stroke.

Playing around with security as we're venturing out of the hospital and into the cool outdoors.

Woowoo! Managed to make it outside in the costume. It was cooler out there and it was spiffy to be able to tromp around. Of course, I did have a pair of wranglers following along to make sure that nothing bad happened. It's always a good idea to keep someone around when you have zilch peripheral vision.

Rest time! Remember what I said about the heat? Well the other problem is your arms don't stick all the way out of this thing so they're constantly half extended and bearing most of the weight of the box. My arms still feel like jelly right now from walking around all day with this thing. It was exhausting.

Here's me with Lori who works at the lab. She's a big domo-kun fan and made the costumes with me.

High-5! Mission accomplished. We finished the costumes with a couple late nights at the lab the past few days and it was all worth it.

As you saw from the earlier picture, little domo-kun came along with us. He's having fun riding along in the pumpkin with the candy.

mmmmMMmmMMMMmm. Tasty snack.

Dance, domo! Dance! It's too bad this is a still and not a short film. I came up with my own domo-kun dance that I kept inflicting upon anyone who would watch. I also did several renditions of 'I'm a little teapot' throughout the day.

At the post office waiting to buy stamps. *twiddle*

I'll take 2 sheets of the ones with little cars on them please!

Whew. How exhausting. It's time to sit down and try to rest for a while before going on.

BOO! Domo's coming to get you.

Hand over the candy little girl and nothing bad will happen to you.

One of the many kids I scared the hell of earlier tonight. She started dragging her mom with her to get away from me. Overall as a pair, lori and I got quite a few screams and one kid even burst into tears. Muahahaha!

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