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San Diego: Infested with Hippies

So I've been back from society from neuroscience for around a day now and I think it's going to take a few more days for me to recover from it. My sleep schedule is completely disturbed, I have giant blisters on my feet and just generally feel sorta pissy. Well, the last is not really anything new. I really would prefer not to have to go to these things in most cases. I had no desire to see san diego and ended up seeing notta but the convention center and my hotel room anyway. Add some super angst between the two people I was staying with and I was ready to just say fuck it all. I am sort of disapointed that I missed the animal rights protestors. I'm told a couple of the whackjobs showed up on sunday. I really wanted to go and heckle the whiney fucks but unfortunately by the time I got there they had moved on. No doubt it was time for their daily pot break or something. I'm assuming that no one really wants to see pictures so I'm not going to bother popping them up most likely.

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