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Well, I'm worried. I'm not sure if it's just general and expected gloominess the day before the election or if I'm simply seeing the writing on the wall. There's a very good chance that kerry will probaly end up winning. Maybe I'm just talking up that possibility so that in the event he does win, it's not as heartbreaking and if bush pulls it out, the good cheer will be all the greater.

What it comes down to is I'm more than a bit antsy about the way that florida and some of the upper midwestern states are going. I've been following these polls and what I see is that zogby often bucks the trend, which calls for a bush victory. While no huge fan of zogby, I'm afraid that he might be the only one who's accounted for the democratic turnout machine and fraud. The amount of hours and money those duplicitous 527's have put into the battleground states makes it very likely that not only will dead people vote, but those who never existed. They will no doubt freight every single crackhead, welfare mom, and career criminal to the polls by bus, handing each a payoff from george soros. I think that this election was likely stolen months ago when the FEC failed to rein in the 527's and it was just too late for the republicans to play tit for tat. The democrats simply have a larger base of idiots to call on who will vote for them with little incentive.

So what does it come down to.....

I think that florida might be a lost cause. The exit polls of the early voters seems to be leaning heavily democratic. Add to that the fact that there will be some poor weather over the panhandle (a good republican area) and the damage from the hurricanes and it dosen't look good. I'm not sure that even jeb's popularity, the cubans, and the inroads among the jewish vote will make enough of a difference. If florida goes, so does the election for bush. It's that simple. There's a few unlikely backdoor senarios if kerry picks up ohio, but the center cannot hold without florida. The trend in wisconsin isn't all that encouraging and unless some pundits are right, that there is a large hidden bushvote out there of 2% or so, this might be an early election night indeed.

Oh well. I can only hope I'm wrong.

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