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A Very Sissy Christmas

So it was time for the anuual sissy christmas get together. In attendance were the usually suspects. I think we've managed to cull the herd pretty much of those who aren't interested or are otherwise killjoys. Exceptions being Frig who was in texas and burnout who for some reason seems to never really believe he'd be welcome despite how many times we tell him he would be. Oh well. Sewtipsy also gave us a ring and said she had wanted to make it but had to work late.

So things started pretty par for the course. Almost everyone else was late arriving with kat taking the prize at showing up something like 90 minutes or more after the fact. Oats set out some snacks and once everyone arrived we were ready to party.

Spookette, Kat, Trip and Jaz all sitting around and chatting. Oats and I held a little contest of who's been having a worse past couple months while everyone else seemed to be standing pat in their lives or better. Kat's getting hitched after all. I have to assume that's a sorta possitive thing...even if he is a kiwi.

Spooks with his massive glowing fist, giving the world the finger. A series of photographs just isn't complete unless spooks has flipped you off at least a couple times. I'll bet that at least half the pictures I've taken of him have him displaying the one fingered salute to someone.

The table with the feast. I'll wait while you offer the obligatory oooohs and ahhhhhs. As I've told oats many many times before, she's just like martha stewart without the prison rape part. I have no clue how she manages to come up with these various setting ideas or frankly, why she goes through the trouble. I mean, it's just us. Still, it's quite gratifying to see something looking so nice. There were more forks than trip knew what to do with.

So before the eating started I demanded a group photo of some sort of everyone present. Awwww. I then swaped with trip and he took a picture with me in it but I think I accidently deleted it. I was bitching that he snapped the photo while I was explaining how to snap the photo and must've gotten rid of it.

So to make up for that, I snapped a picture of myself using the autotimer function on the camera. Isn't the domo t-shirt spiffy?

So on to the meal. Spooks offered to cut the chicken, though he ended up being all talk. I think he just wanted to slash around with the butcher knife. In the end, I sliced up the chicken and things worked out pretty well. We had a meal of ham, really moist chicken (or as the spooklet put it 'wet chicken'), green beans, salad, potatos, assorted breads, and...well, there was something else I can't quite recall because I didn't try any of it. Errr...I'm sure it'll come to me eventually.

Domo has to eat too after all.

After the meal, there was nothing to do but harass the cat.

After which we played poker and I lost 10 dollars. Could have been worse. The spook tribe lost their shirts and had to leave promisary notes all over the place. Spooks took this picture and I'm still not sure how he managed to mess it up. I'm thinking that a finger might have been covering half the flash. A sorta neat affect really.

After the poker we played a game of bang and one of killer bunnies. It was a nice all around time. I could have sworn I uploaded more photos but that was apparently it. When I get a chance I'll dig through what's left and bring up a few more.

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