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Keyboard = Crappy, Computer = Bleh

I don't think there's ever been a time when I come back to jersey and don't bitch about the keyboard somewhere. The damn 'e' key still sticks and it's a pain to type on. There's not enough surface area to rest the keyboard flat and leave a place where you can rest your wrists so it has to be propped up and tapped on as well as one can manage. Feh. The computer also seems to be on its last legs here. I thought it had croaked for good earlier tonight but it somehow managed to struggle back to life. It's definitely time for a replacement there too.

On a sidenote, the boards are all nice and interesting again. It's a bother that this keyboard makes typing long posts difficult, though in the end it's probaly a god send. Like my own private editor keeping a watch on the length of my entries. After constantly having to go back and add e's and otherwise correct for stuck keys, I usually give up much sooner than I had intended.

Here's something some of you might find entertaining. These were the PMs that edweird sent along during the whole mehi incident. I think it's pretty hilarious she's trying to scramble away from them now.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/18/04
2:26 PM
why don't you like tab? because she's an annoying cow? I can't stand her either, we fell out about year ago so you don't have to worry about me telling her what I say. It's just that I can't talk to lilac about this stuff because she's a mod and all and has to be subjective but I wanna rant.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/19/04
3:23 PM
True dat. Everything about her annoys the living hell out of me.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/19/04
4:31 PM
I should. Are you familiar with the site Fat Chicks in Party Hats? her pic would fit right in, I don't want it to get traced back to me that I submitted it if she ever finds it though. mona would probably ban me anyway. Im' still thinking about it, maybe do it from an internet cafe or something.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/19/04
4:57 PM
That is so true. she was a complete bitch to vash and here vash is trying to deal with tony's death and all that. that's what finally made me tell her to go to hell, there's only so much over indulgent stupid drama I can take from a person. yeah and tab likes to hide behind other people too, that's one of the major things that pisses me off about her. she's like to be the poor victim all the time and some idiots fall for it.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/19/04
5:13 PM
I have to say it's not so good making fun of someone with a life threatening eating disorder when there's so much other stuff to go. But we'll see what happens. Vash never showed you the pic? I think I might have deleted it anyway because one day I was going crazy trying to get rid of every bit of evidence of her from my comp.

I remember there was a thread where people were flaming her for being so annoying but it got stopped pretty quickly. too bad because it could have been a fun thread.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/19/04
5:22 PM
She's really big, I can't remember ever seeing anyone that large. Her size looks like it could be life threatening even. tab is the easiest target sissy has, ANY kind of words with her, even disagreeing with her arguments, makes her burst in tears. And that's when she wrassles up her possee on msn to help her out.

From: Edweird
Received: 9/19/04
5:39 PM
I have no idea who else had the pic, it was taken at one of the meets. I hate it that tab is part of the reason vash left. vash was a saint to tab even though she was going through so much herself, she was always there to listen to tab's "crises" and never asked for anything back. and then look was tab goes and does to vash. She's a mean, manipulative, emotionally stunted, self obsessed cow. I really can't stand the woman.

In the end, I have to agree that we both had similar views on Mehi, ecspecially after the whole vash incident. As anyone who has had the chance to get to know her, vash is one of the most friendly people out there. If there was even an iota of a chance that mehi helped accelerate vash's leaving, it was more than justification for kicking her around. Still, I'm sure vash is in a better place now. Slaying demons and running around on evercrack collecting booty. Oh well...

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