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Another year dead

So I spent new year's eve with a friend here in jersey that I don't get to see very often. I had been the best man at his wedding back a couple years ago and we've known each other since grade school. Before he got himself hitched to the old ball and chain and I was still in jersey, we would spend quite a bit of time together but time and circumstance has made that more difficult. One thing is for sure, if I do head back to jersey then I will certainly make an effort to get together more often with old friends here that I'd lost touch with. I've actually already started on that even without moving back here. Ever since the high school reunion and reuniting with old friends there, I've been saying that we should get together more often whenever we had the chance. I got a late start on organizing so when I finally picked tommorrow as the date, there were some conflicts with such things as a wedding of a friend for one and a ski trip to colorado for another. Still, three of us will be getting together tommorrow to shoot the breeze and whatnot. Reminisce about the old days of glory and whatnot.

So back to new years. I spent the night with Brian, his family, and a few friends of the family. It was a nice night where we tried some new games they had picked up. I lead the men's team to victory on the Disney version of Scene It. Apparently all those years of watching Disney Sing-a-long song videos with my cousins when they were toddlers really payed off. To this day I'm sure I could sing almost the entire score of the little mermaid given a few promptings here and there. After that was one of those Host a Murder Mystery which went wrong with the video version revealed that I was the killer before anyone could guess. The entire thing left a bit to be desired. There weren't enough clues to really definitively identify the killer and it was just guess work. The characters were also a bit nutty. I ended up playing Gloria Stunnem, who was really Jimmy hoffa and had had a sex change to write a feminist magazine named the Sisterhood. I affected a Bea Arthur voice and feminazi world view which went over interestingly. Finally there was some other game where the point was to guess how others would answer questions like what is their favorite president, most embarassing moment, etc. Had a hell of a time with that since I didn't even know two of the other people playing. Suffice to say I didn't win that one.

After everyone else had gone to bed, Brian and I stood around on the porch and then sat around the dinner table catching up on the various events in our lives. I really have to find a way so that we can get together more often without these sort of year-long gaps in between gettogethers that last more than a hour.

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