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A reason to not sleep during the day

So on new years day I didn't get home until 5:30 in the morning or so and then stayed up until 9 before I finally went to bed. I woke up around 1 and took a shower, puttered about, and eventually decided in the late afternoon that I just had to go back to bed and ended up sleeping until 9pm. That pretty much made it so that it was impossible to fall asleep that night. I had my mp3 player with all the audiobooks but I thought it might be nice to actually do some reading. I rumaged about and found a copy of Judy Blume's Summer Sisters. Lacking anything better, I started reading and finished it up by morning. Here's an IM conversation that also serves as a pretty good synopsis:

henryhenwy: I read a book that reminded me of you
henryhenwy: last night
modestadolore: what was it
modestadolore: ?
modestadolore: probably something dumb
henryhenwy: couldn't sleep and I was in my sister's old room. found a copy of judy blume's summer sisters
modestadolore: "are you there god? it's me margaret"
modestadolore: uh huh
henryhenwy: it was all full of angst and crap about teenage girls growing up
modestadolore: I have no angst
henryhenwy: first I thought it was going to be this lesbian thing
henryhenwy: then I thought it was going to be this incest thing
modestadolore: shows how perverted YOU are
modestadolore: it's fuckin judy blume
henryhenwy: then it turned out it was just all this crap about going out with boys and how to practice giving blowjobs
henryhenwy: I'm sorry, but when one girl @ age 11, invites another girl to stay with her for the summer
modestadolore: HELLO
henryhenwy: and they spend their nights rubbing their cha-chas together to invoke
modestadolore: that's what girls do... we're close
henryhenwy: 'the power'
modestadolore: PLUS
modestadolore: they are freakin 11
henryhenwy: it sounds like lesbianism to me
modestadolore: their cha-chas?
henryhenwy: so, tell me when was the last time you got naked with a friend and rubbed your private parts against one anothers
henryhenwy: how was it for you?
modestadolore: *sigh*
modestadolore: whatever
modestadolore: pedophile
henryhenwy: uh huh
modestadolore: EEEP
henryhenwy: sounds like lesbians to me
modestadolore: O-k then
henryhenwy: but then again you live in california
henryhenwy: I'm sure that's what summer camp is all about out there or something
modestadolore: pretty much
henryhenwy: i think in the book the called it LAG or GAG
henryhenwy: lesbian (gay) until graduation
modestadolore: ]wouldn't that be
modestadolore: LUG
modestadolore: or GUG?
henryhenwy: that's what I meant
henryhenwy: quit interrupting
henryhenwy: but it really wasn't about lesbianism
henryhenwy: it was about crazy teenage girls and their incomprehensible relationships with one another
henryhenwy: and how they boink boys too old for them
henryhenwy: and spend time playing lolita for fun
henryhenwy: then one of them gets a normal job while the other jetsets around
henryhenwy: theere's some more angst
henryhenwy: and then one of them kills themselves
modestadolore: oh
modestadolore: oh joy
henryhenwy: well, it's alluded to she kills herself. she disappears at sea after all
henryhenwy: I haven't figured out which of the girls is you yet
henryhenwy: all I know is they're both off their rockers
modestadolore: I'm the nice one
modestadolore: who stays alive
henryhenwy: she's the submissive controlled one
henryhenwy: and then she ends up marrying the friend of the stepbrother of the other girl
henryhenwy: who frankly, I thoguht was going to be involved in a rape scene at some point
henryhenwy: tons of scenes of them running around in skimpy suits, or long t-shirts iwth nothing on underneath around the house while the boys watched
henryhenwy: I thought it was going to go V C andrews any minute
modestadolore: Nutty: Sugar High!
modestadolore: ok
modestadolore: no more judy blume
henryhenwy: I can't figure out why it was so acclaimed
henryhenwy: it made no damn sense to me
modestadolore: i only read her animal books anyway
henryhenwy: maybe you need a certain amount of estrogen to comprehend insanity

So someone out there must've read this book. It's apparently critically acclaimed and people seem to love it but it made absolutely no fucking sense to me. The pacing was unbelievable and I couldn't really figure out what she was droning on about. Other than the fact that having and raising daughters is some sort of curse rained down upon you by God.

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