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Foreign Policy and Blue Hana Moon

Your Foreign Policy Priorities:

Primary: Military
Secondary: Human Rights, Protections, National Interest

-We need a strong military to confront the many dangers in the world. While always consulting with our allies, we should be ready to use military force to help ensure our national security.

-As 9/11 demonstrated, repression abroad can feed terrorism and threaten our freedom at home. Where possible, we should use our economic and military power as a "carrot" to encourage positive reforms in repressive regimes.

-Too much emphasis is placed on economic growth and free trade, and not enough on the quality of people's lives. Trade and economic growth are good, but the majority of the population misses out on their benefits, and pay too many of their costs.

-The US cannot solve the world's problems, and it's naive to think that we can. Nations must learn to help themselves, and we should stay focused on pursuing our interests. International organizations are too corrupt and inefficient to do any good.


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