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I took a lot of joy out of this article:

Kerry looked into the reporter's eye. "The pundits have never liked me," he said. "Is it the way I look? The way I sound?" He seemed vulnerable for a moment, then caught himself, smiled and walked home to his empty house.

Everyone who hasn't read that newsweek election issue that summed up the behind the scenes view of the two campaigns should go out and buy the book they're making of it. It was un-fucking-believable what was in there that was kept from the voters. Kerry and his wife were absolute dingbats and crazy to the core. Thank god the american people (or at least 51% of them) saw through the fasade but I'm pretty offended that none of the reporters who knew of the crap going on behind the campaign ever published the accounts before newsweek and only after the election. It didn't even appear the were really concealing the fact they were crazy...the reporters simply refused to report on it. The closest they got was on reporting on the infighting between staffers and while that's nice to know, I'm more interested if the canndidate is a spastic egomaniacal and indecisive wonk and that his wife is a crazy psycho dingbat.

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