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Trucker missing; so is cargo of 3.6 million nickels

Sunday, January 9, 2005 Posted: 9:03 AM EST (1403 GMT)

MIAMI, Florida (AP) -- A truck driver has disappeared with the 3.6 million nickels he was hauling to the Federal Reserve Bank in New Orleans, police said Friday.

Angel Ricardo Mendoza, 43, picked up the coins, worth $180,000, December 17 from the Federal Reserve in New Jersey and was supposed to haul the cargo -- weighing 45,000 pounds -- to New Orleans for a trucking company subcontracted by the Federal Reserve, police said.

On December 21, Mendoza's empty truck and trailer turned up at a truck stop in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Miami-Dade police, the FBI and the Federal Reserve police are investigating.

"We are concerned for his safety because he's missing," Miami-Dade Detective Randy Rossman said. "We suspect foul play. We are concerned and we are still investigating."

Mendoza lives in Miami-Dade County but has no family in the area. Police said he has a wife in Cuba.

What sort of fucking moron decides to steal 20+ tons of nickels? What in the world would you even do with them? Go to a car dealership and buy yourself a sportscar and pay them in change? I can almost imagine some sort of hilarious incident at some supermarket coinstar machine. What a bunch of jackasses. I just hope they thought the truck was carrying bills of some sort and were dismayed to realize it was coinage. The fact they actually managed to cart off 20 tons though suggests that they were prepared for it. Hell, they didn't even manage to swipe quarters.

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