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Holiday Pictures

I think the thrill of taking pictures is really starting to wane. Normally, going back to jersey for two weeks would have sent me on a frenzy of picture taking with at least a hundred or two pictures. This time around I think I limited it to 30 or so. Of those, I thought I'd share a dozen. I managed to reverse the order a bit, so the first pictures are from new years eve while the rest were taken earlier. As I said earlier, I went to a friend's place for the new years. We haven't had the oppertunity to spend much time together though I guess that will hopefully change soon. He invited me over to his place and after a hellish drive through what I'm certain was the outskirts of hades, I made it. I have a new theory that you can judge how scary a neighborhood is by the number of street corner loiterers per square block. If that holds, then this place was scoring off the charts. I live in the south side of chicago and this place gave me the willies like nothing where I live.

Here's a picture to whet your anticipation. Don't I look all excited and festive in my crown and whozits. I ended up wearing that thing around for hours, including the drive home. I just sort of forgot it was up there after a while.

This is Brian in what will certainly be a blackmail picture at some point. I think he was trying to do some sort of dance at the time.

His daughter Sam in her new years mask whozit. Masquerade is now running through my head thanks to having just seen phantom last night.

From left to right, Kim (a friend of brian and his wife), sam again, jessie (brian's wife), and vanessa (jessie's sister). We had just finished a biard game that I got my ass whomped at. However I did lead my team to victory on the disney game so it all works out.

Brian and I. Notice I still have that crown thing going while he dumped his hours earlier.

My sister connie. We went out with my grandmother and my uncle to a resturant the day after christmas. Its specialty was those little steamed buns and stuff. Connie just got engaged a few months ago and will be getting married in october.

Connie with my grandmother. I only just figured out the whole black and white function on the camera. I never ended up reading the manual which was the size of a small telephone book. I always tell myself I'll flip through it one day and figure out what all the knobs and buttons and shooting modes really do....but as long as it works I just don't feel the need.

This is Max. Connie and Jeff, the fiance, got themselves a dog. This thing is a giant slobber fest. He starts whipping its head around and giant spools of spittle fly everywhere. The best part is if you howl at him he howls back at you.

They had a doggy ramp built off the deck since porky finds it hard to do stairs.

Grandmother and my mom.

So one of my goals was to get together with old HS friends and this was the first step. Brian, Cyrus, and I got together a couple day sbefore I had to leave and I hope we've set the groundwork for future get togethers. It was too easy to just let things slip away when we were all over the place going to school. I think it's time to fix that now.

This is just remarkable. Anyone who can guess what is actually in the middle of this bun that was at a chinese grocery store? I have no clue who came up with something like this but brrrrr.

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