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Woot! Terry goodkind's new book is out!

I just got my shipment today. In it I had ordered an assortment of goodies including:

Chainfire by Terry goodkind
Neither here nor there by Bill Bryson
The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson
An old book my Piers anthony I was always curious about and was just re-released
The first book to Mercedes Lackey's new non-valdemar series
And a dvd of Steven lynch's comedy...which I'm starting to regret based on the little I've seen of it.

As soon as the package arrived today I had planned an all night readfest. I just curled up with the book around 15 minutes ago and had gotten a good dozen or so pages in before coming to a disturbing conclusion. I don't remember what the fuck had happened in the last book. This was unnerving on a lot of levels. First because I couldn't figure out what I was reading exactly. The plot didn't make any sense and I wasn't sure if this was because the last book ended in a cliff hanger and I simply couldn't remember. More disturbing because I almost never forget any books I read at least not so severely as to not recall anything about it. Well, before now anyway. Any of the books I've read for pleasure I remember. Hell, there are books I can still quote out of occassionally that I haven't touched in god knows how long. The fact that I would completely blank upon a book I'm sure I read with relish within a week of its release is disturbing. I immediately went online to search out a synopsis and had a hell of a time finding anything that wasn't a direct reproduction of the dust jacket. The best I could find was a review a few sentences long and while it prompted some vague memories, I still have no clue how the book ended.

So I've got a choice either to bull ahead and read chainfire, or to retread naked empire first. I also have the latter in audiobook format so I could just listen to it but that would take days and days. The running time on the audiobook is probaly 20 hours or something. It is unabridged after all and a damn big book. Feh....

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