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Lesbians and Order

So I was watching law and order and I had heard it would be the last episode for whatsherface, the revolving assistant-assistant female DAs. Maybe one of these days they'll actually hire a man for that job too but I guess it would upset the whole gender balance of the show.

Anyway, I was kinda upset that the jury returned a verdict of not guilty since frankly, I think they should have just added a count of conspiracy to commit murder and it would have wrapped things together perfectly. Overall I think there are few times when I've ever been happy about an acquittal on that show. I would probaly be the ideal prosecutition juror if I could just make it through the preliminaries.

What really surprised me about the show was when the girly DA was getting her butt fired and she asked, 'is this because I'm a lesbian?'. WTF?! Since when has she become a lesbian? Was there some sort of episode that I missed where the lesbianism was revealed and woven into the storyline or was this just one of those nonsequiter shockers where POOF, she's a lesbian (read: They're everywhere you know). It didn't seem to make any sense....the case wasn't even about sexuality nor did that seem to have anything to do with why she was being canned in even a tangental sort of way. So for rabid law and order fans....was there some sort of lesbian storyline I missed?

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