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All this crap....

Looking around it's amazing how much crud I've managed to gather over time. Bulbasaurs, domokuns, a furry otter, and believe it or not _2_ eeyores both wearing tiara's. I've got a wall full of board and card games, and hundreds upon hundreds of books scattered all over the place. More playstation games than I could play in an entire lifetime with dvd's and videos I've never even opened much less viewed. I sometimes wonder what I would do if the entire building was burning down and I couldn't take it all with me what I would grab. All I know is that it would make for giganic flea market or yard sale. The really remarkable part is that it would likely bring in quite a lot of money, perhaps more than I put into it to start with. The problem is that after a while I simply start collecting things rather than actually stopping to enjoy each item as I acquire it. If at this point I decided to spend 8 hours every day playing all the backlogged playstation games I have, I'd be at it for a year more than likely.

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