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Jesus christ....

It's starting to get a bit ridiculous now. I'm back from the hospital yet again and I think I might be starting to come a little unglued. I got a call from my mom at the hospital last night to hurry over since it seemed like it would be my grandfather's last night. The nurses were sure he'd never make it through the night and his breathing had slowed down as far as 2 breaths per minute, each one shallow and spasmatic like all his breathing has been. So everyone rushed down there if they weren't already (I had been trying to get something to eat and clean up a bit at the time) and we stood and chanted or prayed or whatver each according to his or her own, waiting. All through the nite I stayed awake until 5am or thereabouts, with family occupying just about every bit of open space in that entire hospace area barring the other rooms. The chinese tend to be pretty superstitious, and no one would be willing to sleep or even enter any of the other hospace rooms other than those born here in this country, and even if we had decided to do that, I'm sure my mom would have thrown a fit about it. So my uncle and cousin and grandmother stayed in the room with my grandfather, my other uncle and his wife took over the meditation room and my sisters, my father, and my mother commandeered the hospace library. Most of them went to sleep rather readily while I finished yet another book from the library there. It's not exactly well-stocked but I seem to be working through it at a good clip. Anyway, I checked in occassionally on my grandfather and he was still chugging along, those his breathing seemed ever more shallow. After finishing Watership Down I ended up finally falling asleep and when I awoke 2 hours later it seemed that his breathing had stabalized once more and it's all set to start again.

I'm not even sure exactly how many certain ends he's had simply since I've been home because my mind's too fuzzy at the moment to making counting them possible but it's closing in on half a dozen. The hospice unit of the hospital is only supposed to hold those in iminent.....damnit. Just got a call. He's stopped breathing. Back to the hospital.

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