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Don't sit on the Triforce

So it looks like I'm finally getting a chance to play some more of the video games I've bought but never really tried. I started Zelda: Ocarina of Time a couple days ago and it's been pretty spiffy so far. The only complaint I have is that nintendo is the only company I know that can actually make it characters look more hideous the better technology gets. The damn fairies and other characters looked better on 8-bit when they were just a smudge of pixels. Now it's all full of hideous, horrible detail. I also miss being able to chuck glowing swords when at full health.

Other than that, there's nothing really interesting going on. The entire region seems to be in the middle of a deep freeze and I've spent the time hunkered down. Other than running a few errands there hasn't been a whole lot to take care of. I'm supposed to head out tommorrow night to a play or something at the steppenwolfe with some friends which will probaly inspire some sort of rant here. The shows there are always lacking in some fundamental way it seems.

WTF is with these jamster! commercials with their shitty ringtones and wallpapers. I think I've seen at least 10 of their commercials in the past 30 minutes. Only idiots want their bullshit. I'm sure there's some sort of catch even if someone was delusional enough to want something from them. Feh.

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