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Well, I think it was domo's last hurrah tonight. I left him in the car because I couldn't be bothered to carry him inside and it's raining cats and dogs out there but I doubt I'll be wearing him again anytime soon. I only just got home from John's apt after our normal gaming session. We meet every other saturday and afterwards we ventured out for dinner and then on to a bar and back to his place for just general yakking.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned my gaming group before but we've been getting together in one incarnation or another for over a year now. I can't really tell you how much more than a year though I think we must be close to a two year anniversary by now. Part of the problem is that we've had attrition and addition throughout all this time and frankly, while I can remember who's left the group I can never remember when people joined. We've lost many people along the way who fell away for various reasons from spousal interference to school to family catastrophies to an extended trip to china. I thought that since this time I dragged my camera along and took a few shots I could pop it up here.

Welp, this is John. He's been DM'ing the group since we started and we use his apt for our meetings. We used to meet down here at my place but people starting bitching about venturing to the southside since we mostly have northeners. John works at the board of trade doing something or other that's beyond my knowledge or interest but he seems satisfied with it even if it is a 2nd shift job.

Richard. Divorced, two kids, a resturant near the board of trade. His current character is a drunken fighter/thief who dosen't get along with mine. Of course, something will have to be done about that one day. Dwarf kabobs anyone?

Melissa. Yes, you're right. It is a girl. Go figure, eh? She's a highschool science teacher somewhere, trying to pound knowledge into thick skulls that don't really want to receive it. She's a generally pleasant person as long as you don't mention how teachers are overpaid (since they only work 9 months out of the year after all) or that those who can't, teach. Her character is a female elven mage. Kinda snooty sometimes but consider her player.

It's Otis. Otis is in school for something or other...I don't think I've ever asked him for what somehow. He goes to chess tournaments and apparently is pretty damn good at it. Of course, I could never even beat chessmaster at the easiest setting so my scaling might be a bit skewed. His character is the halfling sorceror feargul(sp?), the magnificant.

This is Butch. He's only just recently joined a couple sessions ago. He answered a post I had placed on the web somewhere...I think at but damned if I can recall. He's playing a dwarven monk.

From the gaming session. You'll notice someone to the right of Melissa I haven't mentioned yet. That's Luigi (and no, he dosen't know what happened to Mario, I asked). He had to leave early tonight for a halloween party so he wasn't avaliable for an individual picture from later in the evening.

Butchie and Richard from the session.

Melissa and Luigi again.

Otis showed up late.

John reading flavor text of some sort or another.

At the resturant. Cy's seafood something or other. Superspiffy. Had a surf and turf combo. mmmmmMMmMMmm.

John and Melissa. Getting cozy aren't they? Hmmmmm.....

Butch and Richard.

Butch and Otis.

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