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What I wouldn't give for a Klingon or two....

So when Anne called me the other day and reminded we had steppenwolf tickets, I of course asked her what was playing. We had picked up season tickets for a couple years now and I could never be bothered to keep track of what we were seeing or when the shows were. When she responded that it was something called the cherry orchard by Chekhov, I made the obligatory joke asking if it was written by the guy who piloted the enterprise. After just returning from the play, I seriously wish it had been written by Pavlo Chekhov. Even he would have come up with something less trite and obnoxious as this piece of crap I was forced to sit through. Russians must write plays like the english cook and the french fight wars, which is to say poorly and as a point of ridicule. I told Anne at the end that we she can spare me the whole ordeal of sitting through 2 and a half hours of crap. In exchange I'll just let her kick me in the nuts for 3-4 minutes with pointy-toed shoes and I can get the same experience in less time.

There was almost no redeeming feature of this play. The characters were pathetic and I wish all of them would die. Add to that one of them kept spouting this weird communist/existential proproganda and it was enough to make me want to puke on the person sitting in front of me. Nothing interesting really happened and the moral, if there was a moral, seemed to be that we all willingly enslave ourselves in one way or another, spinning in the same circles like a top and then we croak. I've got nothing against a downer sort of ending. In fact, I often prefer those types when I can get it it seems. This play was just trite and full of fluff and bullshit. A gibbering idiot could have told this story with more interest and flair in half the time I was forced to sit there.

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