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I think he likes it!

I don't catch many movies in the course of a year. At best I make it to a half dozen films in the theatre and I don't usually bother with flicks on tv. One reason for both of these inclinations is that I get the impression most movies suck. The critics seem to spend the majority of their time lambasting films and the few they do applaud end up being like the English Patient which was so boring it made me want to vomit, just for something interesting to do. So after getting home from the play I was channel flipping and I've spent the past hour and a half watching windtalkers on A&E. I missed the very beginning but it hasn't impacted my enjoyment of the film any. If I recall, this was one of the two Cage war flicks that were bashed. Who knows, maybe that something something's mandolin will be on tommorrow and I'll like that too.

I just have to say it's nice to see a WWII flick that dosen't take place in europe for once. If a war film isn't about vietnam you can be sure it's about d-day and the western front. It's about time people came up with more movies about killing the japanese. Those were some crazy buggers. It's too bad they've gone all mainstream now. If I were ever invading a heavily fortified enemy, give me a hoard of japanese over just about anyone. Those crazy buggers would charge right at machineguns and basically build a wall with their dead bodies. Whoever thought they would turn into polite suits for the most part within half a century.

I do have one more comment about the movie....either it's not very accurately depicting mines or they sucked ass back then. These things apparently don't even blow up people standing to either side and seem to barely harm someone who stepped directly on it. It's ridiculous. I was watching something about claymore mines, the ones they use today and it scared the everliving shit out of me just hearing about it. These things shoot out hundreds of BB like pellets. It kills within a distance of more than half a football field (50 meters) and can still maim and possibily kill you out to 2 and a half football fields (250 meters). Someone triggers one of these fuckers and the pain will be ANYTHING but localized. You can read a bit more about the claymore here. I ecspecially like how it says on the mine "Front Towards Enemy". This is definitely something you don't want to fuck up. Chances are if you did, it would be the last thing you ever screwed up.

One more come everyone in this movie seems to be using a machine gun while the guys in band of brothers and saving private ryan were all using single shot rifles? If the machine guns were avaliable and apparently small enough...dosen't look any bigger than your average rifle, why didn't everyone farging carry one of them?

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