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How many shepards went into this?

So I understand it might be a bit hypocritical, having just yesterday mocked the british for their cooking, but I bought a shepard's pie at costo a few days ago. I had tried it at the hospital cafeteria and it had seemed pretty spiffy. Meat and potatos as if you took a normal meal and smashed it all together to end with something that looks half digested and mixed around in your stomach already. How's that for time savings? What's not to like. I just cooked it up and ploped some of it into a bowl and it's not bad. Hmmm...there's also mushrooms, peas and corn in it.

Well, after a few more forkfulls I have to say it's not really good either. It's sort of right in the middle...bland in generall. I'm wondering if I should add something to it to spice it up a bit but I'm worried about making it worse. Hmm...maybe some more pepper at the least.

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