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Another Darwin Award Winner

Woman falls to death attempting balcony handstand

Tuesday, January 18, 2005 Posted: 11:45 AM EST (1645 GMT)

NORTH FORT MYERS, Florida (AP) -- A woman fell to her death while trying to do a handstand on the railing of a second-floor hotel balcony, sheriff's officials said.

Molly Jerman, 23, of Cape Coral died Sunday. While attempting a handstand, she toppled over and dropped to the hotel patio, according to the Lee County sheriff's department.

Just before she fell, she had called out to a friend, "Watch to see what I can still do," a police report said. Foul play is not believed to be involved, officials said.

Apparently what she could do is smear herself across the concrete floor. This is just a perfect example of natural selection at work I guess. I am sort of disturbed that they don't mention that alcohol was involved somehow in the death. I sincerely hope that alcohol was involved. It worries me that someone this naturally stupid could have made it to 23. It's time we stop padding playground equipment and stop adding foam to everything. It's thwarting the forces of evolution.

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