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Jerking chains and kicking hippies for fun and profit

Whineycrats on Campus

It's always entertaining to kick hippies just to see them squeal. What it does bring into focus is that these people really are practically infants. The fact that one of them would be stupid enough to actually doubt my age is hilarious. I guess for them, even 21 seems to be old. God knows what they view 28 as. Seeing as they're barely out of diapers, it's easy to see where that perspective comes from. It's amazing what a few years make. When you get to college you look at highschool students and shake your head wondering how they'll manage to survive without swallowing their tongues they're so ignorant and young. By the time you hit grad school it's the swarms of undergrads who seem like infants. All the incessant whining about their exams and then nothing but crap about frat parties, getting sloshed and, if one of the journals I browsed through from that link is any indication, pulling trains.

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