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What part of "I'm eeeeevil" don't you understand?

T minus 3 and a half days until I leave for the society for neuroscience meeting in new orleans. I'm not really looking forward to it quite frankly. It's going to cost bigtime and I don't like travel all that much anyway. That and I hear new orleans is one massive vomitfest even when it isn't mardi gras. Seeing as I don't drink, I seriously doubt there's much there for me other than wondering around what is generally a boring meeting. That and I keep seeing new orleans featured on those A&E crime shows. This must be the only place where the LAPD would be viewed as being law abiding and harmless. I hear they just busted some sort of huge drug and murder ring run completely by cops down there, not to mention I think new orleans was the murder capital of the country not too long ago. Bah, humbug.

I'm also going to be carting down more electronics equipment than I think I've ever had before. I hope there are multiple plugs avaliable in the hotel room since by my count I'll have to drag down at least three chargers. Speaking of hotel's a cruddy day's inn that I'm going to be paying near 150 dollars a night for! On the plus side I'm sure I'll have plenty of opertunities to take pictures of drunken people puking all over the place. That should provide some entertainment value I suppose. I also wonder if there's flashing all the time or if it's only during mardi gras. That could also influence how this trip turns out I imagine.

Oh well. After neuroscience I'll be heading home for a bit which should be nice. Nothing really to do other than relax for a while. When I get back to chicago there will be plenty of lab things I'll need to get started on. Might as well enjoy the break and vacation for as long as I can.

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