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The most depressing day of the year...

According to one particular crackpot anyway.

It's official: January is depressing

A PSYCHOLOGIST today confirmed what the jaded post-Christmas population always suspected - January is the most depressing month of the year.

But the worst is yet to come, according to Dr Cliff Arnalls, who has created a formula to pinpoint January 24 as the worst day of the year.

The Cardiff University expert has weighed up the influence of a number of January-specific phenomena that ruin our mood.

Miserable weather, mounting debt, the length of time since Christmas, failed New Year’s resolutions, a lack of motivation and a need to take action all add up to make the day a thoroughly depressing prospect.

According to a survey of 1000 people, January throws a whole raft of barriers in the way of our happiness.

We are forced to brave cold, wet and dark weather, particularly in the morning. Add to this the worry of debt accumulated over the Christmas period, and further spending in the January sales, and it is no wonder we feel miserable.

The January 24 date is particularly dangerous due to the length of time since the Christmas break.

Dr Arnalls explains that the energy we get from a relaxing Christmas break wears off by the third week of January, making it the darkest week of the year.

My favorite is this jackass actually came up with a formula:

The formula for the day of misery reads 1/8W+(D-d) 3/8xTQ MxNA.

Where W is weather, D is debt - minus the money (d) due on January's pay day - and T is the time since Christmas.

Q is the period since the failure to quit a bad habit, M stands for general motivational levels and NA is the need to take action and do something about it.

Dr Arnalls calculated the effects of cold, wet and dark January weather after the cosiness of Christmas coupled with extra spending in the sales.

I freaking hate formulas like that. It's completely pointless. To believe that something like generalized misery could be expressed as a mathematical formula as simple as that is idiocy to begin with. It seems to only be done to add an air of impressiveness which only affects the terminally stupid. Woooo, look! It has numbers and letters and looks like math! It must be true and sciency.

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