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9:14 EST. Ironic isn't it. Just as I'm sitting here semi-complaining about the false alarms and uncertainty, poof. He's gone. There's too much to say and not enough time to say it at the moment. I'm only back home to take a quick shower and then it's back to the hospital where the funneral home is going to take him for cremation. One thing though that I've found is that physical pain trumps emotional and spiritual, at least in the short term. By the time I got to the hospital I was in so much physical pain it blocked out everything else. I ended up having to down 3 codeine, half a percocet, and near a dozen ibuprophen before I could knock the edge off of it. Now I'm paying the price for that with nausea. For a time, I envied the fact that my grandfather had such an easy passing and escape from any pain that was in his life. When pain is your constant companion you'll do near anything at times to try to lose it, but it always finds you again.

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