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Sissy Game Night

So trip and I were chatting and decided that it was time for another sissy game night, though a smaller affair than we normally run. Oats was busy so trip and jaz decided to host the event. In the end, it was even smaller than anticipated. Spooks had to bow out when it turned out that his wife fell ill and despite frig saying he could make it, he never showed. In the end it was just me, kat, trip and jaz. It was still a lot of fun and we ended up running through more games than ever, including a bunch of new ones that had never been tried before. First though, both Kat and I were attacked by Chloe, the crazed yorkie. It took a while until she wasn't ripping at our pants and grew used to our presence.

We started off with Zombies!!!, something I was pretty sure that trip would like. It's the classic sort of wander through town and escape the zombies without getting your face eaten sort of game. It went so well in fact that I just (as in 15 seconds ago) placed an order for the remaining games in the series. Kat ended up picking up the victory in this one while trip got his face pretty chewed up.

Next up was illuminati in which I believe trip sneaked by with a win. I've never seen a game of illumnait end so quickly...though to be honest I've only played it once before. I think the problem was that we were all playing a wee bit too cautiously. There should have been more blood letting from the start. I was in a great position to win longterm...heck, I was swimming in megabucks. I had both the federal reserve and las vegas on my side after all.

After a pizza break it was time for the never ending game of trivia pursuit DVD. Feh. If I never see a music question again it will be too soon. I think that this game has to end up in the same category as cranium, which is to say SUXXORS and should never be attempted again.

Once upon a time, the storytelling game. Trip absolutely hated this one. I thought it was kinda interesting actually and would likely be a lot more fun the more people you had involved. It's one of those games where you get out of it what you put into it...and where you almost have to put winning at the back of your mind. Everyone is given cards with words on them and must tell a story using those words till they can skew the story so that it fits the happily ever after card you were given.

David and goliath is a simple trick taking game that we played three rounds of. It's like most trick taking games but with a twist...the lowest card of the hand gets the highest value card, while the rest are distributed as normal. The scoring is also different in that you only score the number value of the first two cards of any color suit. If you get 3 or more cards of one suit, they automatically have a value of one regardless of their number. It adds an interesting depth to the strategy as you not only try to get enough cards to score but also try to feed other people cards to push them over the limit of 2 and lower their score. I picked up the overall win here.

I think that was pretty much it. Kat showed us some of the pictures she took of her trip to kiwi land, including something the kiwis do to entertain themselves which involves stuffing themselves into a giant hamster ball and being tossed down a hill.

I snapped a few pictures while I was at it.

Here's chloe, the ankle biting terror. She's teeny tiny but obviously feels that deep down she's a big dog.

Here's Kat at the computer showing trip some of the pictures she had taken and uploaded. You'll notice she's wearing a crown. I ended up going to burger king with a friend the day before and they had a box full of those crowns I remember getting as a kid. Nostalgia forced me to swipe a half dozen.

Here's Jaz with chloe.

Me in my killer bunny shirt.

Chloe in her itty bitty sweater. Ahhh.

Herm, it looks like I forgot to snap a picture of trip. Oh well. you all know what he looks like anyway. I never remember to pull out the camera until the end of the night anyway. Someone should remind me to take a few shots of the games as they're being played.

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