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Twiddle Twaddle Too

Has anyone seen this show distraction on comedy central? I was channel flipping and just stumbled on a part where the contestants are being asked to name the country when given their capital. When they buzz in however, they're smashed over the head with a glass bottle or vase. It's that stunt glass you see people whacking each other with in cheesy barfight scenes but based on their reactions I'm assuming it still stings like the dickens. I thought those crap reality game shows like "The Chair" was pretty bad, but it was inevitable someone would up the ante a bit more. Why the hell don't we just cut to the chase and start a new series called "The Most Dangerous Game". It might be fun to hunt down morons on some deserted island, shoot them, and drag them back to your camp. If you survive for 24 hours or something, we off the hunter and the huntee becomes the new hunter on the next episode. I'm sure it'd be quite a hit. Occassionally we can have a special guest start voted on by the viewing audience. Who woudln't love to see martha...holy shit! On distraction they just brought out a huge lot of nekkid people. The contestants are in a phone booth and each time they get it right, a nekkid person is added to their phone booth. I'm curious how they determine who goes where. Ahhhh, nekkid women only for female contestants. Pity. This might have been even more interesting. Erf. Looks like I was wrong. It's a mixed sex deal. I wonder how these idiots running the show handle lawsuits? There's definitely some touching and squishing in this booth. Heck, one guy looks like he's spooning the girl in the booth.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. I'm sure people would love to see someone put a round between martha stewart's eyes. I sometimes wonder if it's even worth fighting to keep the decline of human society in check. It's pretty inevitable isn't it? At one point the simpsons offended people with "don't have a cow, man". Now that seems so ludicrously tame that we can barely comprehend why anyone cared in the first place. Does it ever reverse or is it a one way street toward depravity?

BTW, the girl on the show won a car. Now she's answering questions and each one she misses, they smash up a part of the car or throw crap on it. That's actually not a bad idea pretty. God knows I've wished that you could find people on certain shows for being an obnoxious pissy wanker.

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