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Nothing interesting

Welp, another gaming session partially scrapped last night. A couple people didn't show and we ended up playing Ticket to Ride, a train board game that I had brought along just in case. I think I've been conditioned now that whenever I go to mock26's place I fall asleep and take a nap. Over the course of the years, we've all staked out places in his living room for game nights. I usually just end up on the floor with a big throw pillow that I brought over ages back. Whenever I'm stretched out down there I just have a tendancy to doze off. After the game they were ordering food and I just slept for a couple hours. It turns out I didn't miss anything. They were watching the Japanese version of Shall We Dance, that mock26 had just picked up. Booooring.

It seems that today will be just as ho hum. I have absolutely no interest in the superbowl, not even in the commercials and there's nothing else planned. I really would like ot get to dave and busters one of these days but there's no much else on my agenda. On a plus side, the Zombies!!! games should arrive either tommorrow or tuesday and that will be fun.

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