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Still tired...

Well, I've left new orleans. The flight was actually at 6am this morning but I spent most of the day here in jersey unconcious trying to catch up on sleep. I had decided to check out of my hotel the day before to save some cash and ended up wondering around the french quarter all night until the flight. Blech.

I ended up taking a crap load of pictures that I won't be able to put up until I get back to chicago. It features the Wall of Otters, the jello shot syringe action photo, and a lot of generic boring tourist crap. There's too much to relate at the moment and I doubt most of you give a rat's patootie anyway about it. I'm thinking about going back to bed right now and finish catching up on my sleep. Just to answer some common questions:

1) Did you see boobies?

1. No. There were some people flashing on the last night but it wasn't a common thing and I wasn't exactly waiting around for people to overcome inertia and just do it. I also didn't visit any strip clubs while I was there so no boobies. On a sidenote, a friend did see some guy drop trou and wave it around but that was about it.

2) Did you drink?

2. Ya, I gave it a shot. Not impressed. Was pretty crappy. Maybe I simply didn't down enough but I don't think I'll be giving that a try again anytime soon. I had a frozen hurricane, 3 jello shots, 1 hand grenade, 1 shot of something or other and all it did was screw with my balance a bit. No euphoria, no sedation, no notta.

3) Did you see anyone puke?

3. No. Thank God. Bourbon street was still a sewar though.

I figure anything more specific can wait until I feel a little more rested and talkative.

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