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You know, The Da Vinci Code is seriously starting to piss me off. I really liked the early parts but it's reached a rabid sort of insanity. I'm not sure exactly what Dan Brown was thinking but even for fiction, the argument he's making is ludicrous. The Little Mermaid is one giant code for the fact that Mary Magdalene is the holy grail? It's absolutely asinine. What proof is offered? Well, she has red hair and so does what we're told is mary in Da Vinci's Last Supper. Good grief. It's more than any sane individual can swallow. Now, I don't really have any clue what the truth of this is, who can. I'm more than willing to entertain the notion but it offends me to the highest degree when people try to convince me that they have undeniable proof of the unprovable, and worse, that the signs pointing to it is everywhere. Even a cursory reading of Dan Brown's assertions tells me it's crap, without any, ANY real knowledge of the documents and history he's talking about. Even accepting his interpretation as gospel, it's clear there are problems.

Primarily, it's his habit of picking and choosing. When da vinci's paintings support his view, it's because he is leaving us secret messages. When da vinci's paintings show the opposite, it's because he was being oppressed and repressed by a domineering church. You simply can't have it both ways like that. It's a clear logical fallacy. If we're to believe Brown, anyone drawing almost anything with red hair makes it 'in' on the secret of the holy grail. How the hell does he attack the divinity of christ, suggesting that his mortality was really what was important, and then base an entire line of worship around Mary Magdalene, whose only claim to fame then would be having the child of someone who was just a mortal and nothing else. It dosen't make much sense to me. No matter what, no one has suggested that there is some divinity of Mary Magdalene as far as I can tell. Whatever glory or interest she has received is through her relationship to Jesus, through his reflected glory, much like the disciples. They cannot stand on their own. If you claim that the divinity of christ is a fraud, than you can hardly raise one who is his reflected glory to a level worthy of worship or divinity. If Jesus was simply another mortal preacher, even one who did God's work, he would not be subject to worship, and to do so would be a sin. Wouldn't the same sin exist to set out for quests to worship the bones of Mary Magdalene?

It just makes no real sense to me quite frankly. I'll be the first to admit I've never been quite comfortable with the divinity of Jesus. It never seemed quite right to me that God would roam around impregnanting women like Zeus did as golden showers or rams or whatever. Sure, this might have been a little more suave, but if you consider that it was certainly without prior consent, there are certain problematic issues involved. The idea of God in the form of man is also a troubling one. The philosophical issues aside, the chances Jesus was just some sort of delusional schizophrenic has to be entertained. It's hard to be sure that he wasn't just some sort of charismatic David Khoresh. The idea that God walked around, stubbing his toe, suffering puberty, etc, seems to sully his divinity, no? As if the human condition were some dirt or grime that could only temper or weaken the divine. Even if we suggest that Jesus, was an amalgamation of the divine and the human while he was alive, the fact that those two natures mix at all is a disturbing fact on many levels. Then again, some have argued that there is something divine to the human soul. In the crucible of death, all the human dross is burned away until only the pure essance remains.

Ah hell, I'm sure if someone has actually read to this point you're bored out of your mind. I think I'll just leave it at that. I'm just not sure whether to finish listening to this damn book or just chuck it and go to bed. I'm only on chapter 64 of 105. Feh.

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