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01:05 am - Split a piece of wood, n I am there. Lift a stone, n you wiznill find me.
You kniznow, The Da Vinci Code is seriously frontin' ta piss me off. I really liked tha early parts but it's reached a rabid sort of insanity and cant no hood fuck with death rizzow. I'm not sure exactly whizzay Dan Briznown was think'n but even fo' fiction, tha argument he's mak'n is ludicrous in tha mutha fuckin club. The Little Mermaid is one giant code fo' tha fizzle that Mary Magdalene is tha holy grail? It's absolutely asinine in tha hood. Whizzay proof is offered? Well, she has red hizzle n so does whizzay we told is mizzle in Da Vinci's Last Rappa. Good grief. It's mizzy thizzay any sane individual can swallow. Nizzy I don't really hizzy any clue wizzy tha truth of this is, who can . Put ya mutha fuckin choppers up if ya feel this.. I'm more than will'n ta entertain tha notion but it offends me ta tha highest degree wizzle thugz try ta convince me thizzay they have undeniable proof of tha unprovable, n worse, that tha signs ridin' ta it is everywhere ridin' in mah double R. Even a cursory pimpin' of Dan Brown's assertions tells me it's C-R-to-tha-izzap, witout any, ANY real knowledge of tha documents n history he's rapping 'bout. Even accept'n his interprizzles as gospel, it's clear there is problems.

Primarizzle it's his habit of ballin' n choos'n mah nizzle. W-H-to-tha-izzen da vinci's paint'n support his view, it's coz he is leav'n us secret messages bitch ass nigga. Wizzle da vinci's paint'n show tha opposite, it's coz he was being oppressed n repressed by a domineer'n church. You simply cizzan't have it bizzy ways like that. It's a clear logical fallacy. If we ta believe Brown, anyone clockin' almost gang bangin' wit red hair makes it 'izzy on tha secret of tha hizzle grail. How tha hell does he attack tha divinity of christ, saggin' that his mortality was really wizzy was important, n then bizzle an entire line of worship around Mary Magdalizzles whose only claim ta fame then would be saggin' tha child of someone who was jizzust a mortal n nuttin' else like a motha fucka. It dosen't makes much sense ta me so bow down to the bow wow. No poser whiznat, no one has suggested tizzle there is some divinity of Mary Magdalene as far as I can tell. Whateva glory or interest she has received is through ha relatizzles ta Jesus, through his reflected glory, much like tha disciples n shit. They cannot stand on they own. If you claim thizzay tha divinity of christ is a fraud, than you can hardly raise one who is his reflected glory ta a level worthy of worship or divinity . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. If Jesus was simply rappa mortal pimp even one who did God's W-to-tha-izzork, he would not be subject ta worship, n ta do so would be a sin . Yippie yo, you can't see my flow. Wouldn't tha same sin exist ta set out fo' quests ta worship tha bones of Mary Magdalene?

It jiznust makes no rizzle sense ta me quite frankly in all flavas. I'll be tha first ta admit I've neva bizzy quite comfortable wit tha divinity of Jesus ridin' in mah double R. It neva seemed quite rizzight ta me T-H-to-tha-izzat God would roam around impregnant'n bitchez like Zeus did as golden gangsta or rams or hustla. Sure, this M-to-tha-izzight have been a shawty more suave, but if you consida thizzat it was certainly witout prior consent, there is certain problemizzles issues involved bitch ass nigga. The idea of God in tha form of dawg is also a troubl'n one bitch ass nigga. The philosophizzles issues aside, tha chances Jesus was just some sort of delusizzles schizophrizzle has ta be entertained. It's hard ta be sure that he wasn't jizzay some sort of charismizzles David Khoresh . Hollaz to the East Side. The idea that God walked around, stubb'n his tizzy blingin' puberty, etc, seems ta S-U-Double-Lizzy his divinizzles no? As if tha human condition were some dirt or grime that could only nigga or weaken tha divine fo gettin yo pimp on. Even if we suggest tizzy Jesus, was an amalgizzles of tha divine n tha human while he was alive, tha fizzy tizzy those two natures mix at all is a disturb'n fact on many levels . Chill as I take you on a trip. Thizzen again, some hizzy argued tizzy there is sum'm sum'm divine ta tha human soul. In tha crucible of death, all tha human dross is burned away until only tha pure essance remains.

Ah hell, I'm sure if someone has actually read ta this point you're bored out of yo mind. I think I'll J-to-tha-izzust leave it at that. I'm jizzy not sure whetha ta finish listen'n ta this dizzay bizzy or just chizzay it n go ta bed. I'm only on chapta 64 of 105. Feh n shit.

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