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Playing with my zombie dogs

It's amazing how much simply pleasure you can take from punching out and organizing game pieces. It's always nice to have everything all organized. Cards all shuffled, little play pieces all bagged, everythink punched out and in its place. What I really need are a few more book shelves where I can place and display all the various games I've collected over the years. It's interesting how that inclination toward organization just fell away in my life. When I was a kid I used to keep an impeccable bookshelf. Everything was always ordered by author then series then publication date even. Hard covers were only read with the dust jacket tucked away somewhere so they were not damaged, and I would actually buy 2 copies of a paperback at times, one to place pristine on the shelves and one to read without worry of creasing or damaging it. Nowadays, I've become a simple stacker, placing things wherever they fit and preferably taking up as little space as possible. Certainly it would be a gargantuan task to try to inject some order now. There are hundreds upon hundreds of books, cd's, games of all sorts, all of which exist in a state of disarray. Oh well. Maybe one day.

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