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So I got an email message from Nate today. He's someone I met while at the chicago boardgame meetup and we happened to bump into one another at gencon this past summer. The latter is pretty remarkable if you think about it. There are thousands of attendees and the chance that you could find someone at that convention center, even if you were looking for them, is almost entirely nil. There are just too many people in too large an area. Anyway, I saw him again a couple weeks ago at the feburary meetup that Kat and Trip both came with me to. He heard us talking about the gamenight sissymeets and was interested in coming to one. He thought it was simply a group of game affectionados, and even after hearing there was another connection, he didn't seem deterred. I have no clue when or even if we'll have another get together anytime soon but it probaly would be nice to have an additional person. With the chaotic schedules and last minute cancelations, you can never be exactly sure who's showing up and more people is almost alwyas better than less people. Well, up until 7 or so. After that it becomes necessary to split people into multiple groups which kinda sucks. Anyway, I responded to his email that maybe HE should be the one to put together something. God knows I could use a good game night at least as much as he could.

I picked up a new acquisition this morning. I have some really high hopes for it and the game pieces/concept are quite appealing. It's called primordial soup and each player plays a group of amoeba. You spend you time eating and excreting in a glop of, well, primordial goop, which contains food and other amoeba. You can purchase gene mutations which give you special abilities, such as the ability to eat and consume other peoples' amoeba. They can of course try to develop defenses and other adaptations to avoid you. It's the classic game of eat or be eaten. It's a german game originally and I've read there's an expansion. It's unknown whether the expansion will also be translated into english but I certainly hope so. Other than absolutely loving expansions in general (A character flaw towards collecting which alwyas seems to get me into trouble. Just look at my old discarded baseball card, magic the gathering, Ad&d handbook, and anime collections before this board/card game fix), this one will expand the number of players from 3-4 to 5-6 which is alwyas nice. The more people the more fun for most games. The additional rules and cards and boards are no minor matter either. I've often been suckered into buying expansions for a game I've never even played once. The record so far is a Cheapass company game called Deadwood. I think I bought all 5 of the expansions without even reading the rules for the original. I flipped through it and that was about it.

Oh well. I'll get around to playing all of this one day, even if it's stuck at the old folks home in 40 or so years.

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