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This is probaly how things would be if God made the animals of the world under the guidance of a bureacracy.

So I finally finished the da vinci code. It wasn't a bad ending overall. If you simply chopped out the middle 20 or so chapters, basically anything after they arrive at whatshisface's house in france and when they're close to arriving in england, it would have been a quite satisfactory story. However, if I ever and I mean EVER hear the phrase 'sacred feminine' again, I am going to go completely apeshit. I'll probaly beat whoever said it to death with the first phallic-looking object I can find. Crazy feminazi nutjobs.

Now that I'm finished with that book, I'm on to the new one by Stephen Donaldson, The Runes of the Earth. This entire series has a special meaning for me. This book is the start of the third and last set of books in the series of Thomas Covenant. Donaldson began the series near 30 years ago I'd imagine with Lord Foul's Bane. Unlike other fantasy novels, this one took some twists and turns that you would never expect in fantasy. For one, the protagonist was a leper. For another, one of his first actions upon being transported to a magical fantasy land is to rape a native girl who had been doing everything she could to help him. I remember absolutely hating this book when I first finished it. I think I finished it mostly just to see if he died a horrible death. He didn't and I remember being quite disapointed about it. It was quite a while before I even gave the second book a try and likely the only reason I did so is back then I would buy books in bulk, entire series or an author's entire body of work in one go. I grew to really love this series. It became more than simple fantasy and almost a philosophical text for me. Its exploration of guilt, redemption, power, despair, and the lessons taught stay with me to this day. Some passages from the book remain some of the most meaningful things I have read.

Foamfollower's question caught him wandering.

"Are you a storyteller, Thomas Covenant?"

Absently, he replied, "I was, once."

"And you gave it up? Ah, that is as sad a tale in three words as any you might have told me. But a life without a tale is like a sea without salt. How do you live?"

Covenant folded his arms across the gunwales and rested his chin on them. As the boat moved, Andelain opened constantly in front of of him like a bud; but he ignored it, concentrated instead on the plaint of water past the prow. Unconciously, he cleanched his fist over his ring.

"I live."

"Another?" Foamfollower returned. "In two words, a story sadder than the first. Say no more, with one word you will make me weep."

He knew he was going to pass out, wanted hungrily to pass out, but before he lost conciousness, the hurt in his chest made him say, "Giant, I..I need friends."

"Why do you believe that you have none?"

Covenant blinked and saw everything he had done in the Land.

"Don't be ridiculous."

"Then you believe we are real."

"What?" Covenant groped for the Giant's meaning with hands which had no fingers.

"You think us capable of not forgiving you," Foamfollower explained. "Who would forgive you more readily than your dream?"

"No," the Unbeliever said. "Dreams....never forgive."

Then he lost the firelight and Foamfollower's kind face and stumbled into sleep.

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