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Valentine's day card

So I went to the mailbox last night and found a valentine's day card. Yippie. I've snapped an image photo so all of you can see and marvel at it.

Yep, it's from jeanie3. Isn't she sweet? Of course, the poem is about illegal drugs, but she is canadian. I hear it's almost impossible to buy a greeting card up in the frigid north and not have it contain at least one reference to doobies. I guess I should just count my lucky stars this one wasn't speckled with 'eh?' all over the place or a second poem about poutine. The dirty hippie image is also highly appropriate considering the source.

The only dilemma now is what to do with her thoughtful gift. I guess I could save it as a symbol of her loving adoration. Of course, with it being valentine's day there's almost certainly going to be a run on candy hearts in the mall. I could just cash in and become 100,000 meat richer. Oh, decisions, decisions.....

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