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Fun on other boards

It seems that no matter which board I wander around in, it's never long before someone's writing threatening PMs about ban warnings. Heh. I received my second, or was it third yesterday on the gencon website. It's amazing what some people will view as a violation. I also annoyed their head IT guy because I referred to the tech guys collectively as idiots.

The pre-registration for the convention the board is attached to was supposed to start on monday but the entire system crashed like crazy. It wasn't even due to the traffic primarily, though it was also clear they didn't have either the bandwidth or the processing power to handle the load. Some idiot screwed up the coding and made it so that it was simply impossible to check out with your order no matter what you did. You could add the badge to your cart, but then you were stuck and just shit out of luck. A screwup like that is inexcusable and in the end, they just shut the whole thing down and rescheduled it for tuesday afternoon. A couple people discovered that later monday night you could still access the system. Those idiots forgot or were somehow incapable of locking the system down. So while the majority of people who had tried to get in left discouraged, those of us who found out about it were able to register and get the first pick of hotels if we wanted. I ended up posting a giant YOU CAN REGISTER! YOU CAN REGISTER! thread which the huffy IT guy came and deleted eventually. Heh, it was too late to stop the dominos though. More and more people found out through once source or another and also made their own discovery threads. It seemed for half the night it was just thread deletion left and right. There were some quite pissy people who weren't able to take advantage of the whole situation. Some people actually took the time off of work and crap just so they could stay home and register. It's one of those diehard gamer things.

Alrighty then. Off to bed. It's been a long day.

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