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Kinnie's (Yes, it's probaly something pathological but I persist in thinking of people based on their nicks even after I learn their real names and I almost never manage to make the switch over. At best I use the two names semi-interchangably but I'm always more comfotable with the first one I knew them by) comment to the previous post got me thinking. I picked up quite a few knick-knacks while in new orleans and only 1 set of beads. They're darn spiffy with large alligator heads on them and I figure since I didn't see boobies I could give it another try. If anyone would like to obtain these spiffilicious alligator beads, then you simply have to send me your boobie shot. A bonus will be included if you have a webcamera or digital video recorder and manage to make it an action shot with some jiggling. First come, first serve.

On a sidenote...

Mmmmmmmm, false hope. Just as unsatisfying and unrequitted as real hope but with less effort involved.

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