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God damnit

I fucking hate clip shows. Just show a rerun or something. Clip shows fucking suck ass. I was really looking forward to a nice new episode of Stargate SG1 and even worse, whatshisface from the simpsons didn't even say 'Doh!' at any point. At least Stargate Atlantis is a new episode, though that's often a double edge sword. I keep waiting for the series to hit its stride and stop sucking so muck. Part of me fears it's going to be the TNG/DS9 relationship. All the good and talented writers are working on SG1 and it's the talentless hacks on Atlantis. That won't change until SG1 finally finishes and the writers all move over. God knows the first season of DS9 chomped bigtime and didn't pick up until after TNG ended for half a year or so.

So not much going on lately. I'm going to head out to costco tommorrow and pick up a couple pizzas for the get together on sunday. It looks like it should be a pretty large group. Oats, trip, Jaz, Woo, Kat, and me for sure while spooky and frig are no responses so far. Sew apparently has to switch a shift in order to show up and it'll be up in the air for her.

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